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I, the undersigned, understand that I am using the facilities of New Canaan Racquet Club Limited Partnership (“NCRC”) at my own risk. I acknowledge that NCRC is not responsible for any injuries that I may sustain at NCRC facilities. I acknowledge that NCRC is not responsible for items of personal property damaged at, or stolen from NCRC facilities. I represent that I am physically capable of participation in activities at NCRC without risk to my health and well-being.I hereby agree to indemnify and hold NCRC harmless from any liability of whatsoever kind in connection with my use of/and activities at NCRC facilities. NCRC makes no representations, express or implied.

I grant NCRC the right to use my photo in connection with Player of the Week, clinics, tournaments and for any lawful purpose including publicity and marketing. (If registering a minor child I accept these responsibilities and granted rights as their legal guardian.)

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